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Analysis ofUniversal Moral Values

I think there is universal moral values ​​on a very basic point of view. For example, we cannot steal things for no reason, we cannot kill people for no reason, and we cannot harm others’ interests for no reason. But the reason why people argue and differ greatly on what is good and what is bad is that when a person does some “bad things” for some special reason, this may not be a bad thing. For example, when two countries fight, soldiers will always suffer casualties. Killing is not necessarily a bad thing at this time. Because the soldiers on both sides are in have different opinions, they are fighting for their own interests. At this time,we can’t say that neither of them was wrong or right. However, some people think that killing is wrong, such as some Christians. They think that for whatever reason, killing is wrong. This is why people argue about what is good and what is bad. “Facts” are different opinions for everyone. But homicide and murder are completely different concepts. Although both of them are essentially taking the lives of others, some people kill for revenge and some kill for the country. There are other factors in them. Murder is a completely different concept. Murder means that a person actively kills someone who is related or unrelated to him, and the reason for the murder is outrageous or crazy, for example, some people murder others because he likes to kill. In this case, we can draw a conclusion that murder is not necessarily wrong, but murder are absolutely wrong.