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Anh Tai Trang – The Arts

Art is a picture of color that is not tied to any one framework. Art is made of sounds, colors and feelings. We can see and feel art through many dimensions such as paintings, songs, etc. Because art is created through each person’s own rich imagination, there will be two streams of praise and criticism. There are many people who think the same way that a song or a picture is highly artistic, on the other hand, it is not an art.

Over time, the art becomes richer and the separate wings are created. When a large number of people listen to a song, they may “imitate” the lyricist because the melody is so ingrained in their minds. So can art be copied?

Good design is redesign.

No. Art is not copied because it has an individual’s personality and color. It can be “remixed” and carried a different color so that an idea can be enriched instead of being confined to one’s thinking.

Art has been redesigned to bring a different color fresh and positive. Therefore, the current images and colors all have a moment to honor the original. For example, the melody of a guitar can be used in addition to other instruments to “remix” and give a new color but still honor the guitar.

In short, art is a picture created in our imagination. It all has a unique color and meaning depending on each person’s thoughts. But, it’s called art.

Anh Tai Trang – History

History is like a book about things that happened in the past. It explains why, the course, the end or the continuation to the present time. In addition, some historians add some information to make the timeline more reasonable.

“History is written by the victors.”
-Winston Churchill-

The above statement can clearly show that the story taking place in history will have some details that will always be a mystery. The numbers we see when reading or viewing some historical documents are due to what is left over from history. For example, we know how many bombs there are in the war and the number of deaths. But, there will always be a missing number of people and sometimes people will find a few unworkable bombs and the number will increase when we find a new bomb stuck that somewhere deeply in the ground.

It is often said that we study history (war) so that we do not repeat these things in the future. But, it is not 100% sure because if we look back to the years from 100 to about 1000 we can see the wars getting more and more advanced. Let’s say we use swords and from there to guns and bombs. So far, I think the war will still take place because otherwise, why would developed countries like Russia or the United States study nuclear and “advanced weapons”?

Anh Tai Trang – Storytelling

“Elsewhere, the mosaics take the form of constellations — a reminder that the empire and its economy once dominated everywhere you could see the stars at night.”

They were right to compare economics like stars because we can see it everywhere. The economics of all countries are particularly interested in because it can evaluate how much money you hold is worth if you travel through another country. For example, 1USD = 23,000VND. It is an estimate and comparison of the economic development of each country. In addition, when it comes to economics, we always think of something very formal.

“Economics often appears to be an exercise in number-crunching, but it
actually resembles storytelling more than mathematics.”

It’s correct. Economics are calculated from mathematical numbers and used in a very logical way. But it’s not just numbers, economics is all about people’s living conditions, their relationships, big and small in the society.

I think that one should not be overemphasized because one can do something. Not to say that we should not applaud them for what they can do for the economy. What I’m talking about is honoring more standards and focus on the younger generations; The younger generation may be the next ones to be able to do more feats or “beat your high scores”. Do not put one person too high because there will be another higher than them and it will continue. I find that these readings are quite good because they contain a lot of important events that have happened and make some hidden comments in the reading. It can be seen that when we only do something small in daily life, it will also make something extremely useful for society. Just like an individual can revive a large economy and only need a little motivation in life.

Human Science – Anh Tai Trang

In economics, there are tons of information and everyday data to consider. The final figures are not allowed to have any false information in order to keep the economic cycle in balance. There will not be any data that can be 100% certain to determine where the economy is located. But, we can make estimates based on numbers every day. Economics cannot be determined because it can go up or down at any time. Economists tend to analyze why the economy is up or down and can rely on what they see to be able to predict what will happen. In order to ensure the information was completely accurate so that economists could guess, strict laws were put in place. People are greedy and they will want more of what they possess. Therefore, corruption or bribery happen in the economy a lot. But if we rely on the economic system, we can find out that it does not fit.

Is economics science? There will be those who agree and disagree that economics is science. There is nothing wrong with that because it is the opinion of every person. But for me, I think economics is science because it relies on the facts and information of the economy to calculate as logically as possible in order to develop the economy of a country in general and the whole world. in particular.

Emotion – Anh Tai Trang

Emotions are expressed through thoughts (in each person) and actions (expressed). People have a lot of different emotions and 6 primary emotions are happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise, and disgust. These 6 emotions are usually expressed outward but sometimes they may not be expressed. There are many theories that explain what emotions mean but put them all in the main sense that emotions can affect the actions and thoughts of every person. Sadness often leads to depression and this can be manifested in a dramatic way, such as falling face down. And these emotions can be considered as a knowledge and be divided into 3 parts: Perception, Reason, Language. Two of these three parts (Perception and Reason) are often hidden inside each person’s thoughts and Language is an outward representation. Language will help identify other people’s emotions in sound. If the voice becomes lower and lower, the person is probably sad. On the contrary, if the voice is softer then the person is probably happy.

“Since emotions are an integral part of our mental lives, they are likely to influence the way we see and think about the world.”

People often ask that listening to the heart or reason. It is often said that emotions will make people blind and reason will make people cool. Therefore, to be able to decide the most accurate way, first to balance both and this is not easy. People are often easily influenced by everything around them. So, for people to learn to balance needs a lot of time for them to go through and learn it.

“Our emotions can not only distort our beliefs, but also lead us to make poor decisions. Some emotions are urgent and short sighted and they can easily blind us to the longer-term consequences of our actions.

With intuition problem. Each person has their own intuition and this greatly affects the decisions and thoughts of each person. If your mind helps you make more informed decisions and your heart gives you insight, intuition is at the core of both. But intuition is not always true because you cannot rely on any argument. But intuition can also rely on some knowledge already available to be able to make decisions.

Are there universal moral values? – Anh Tai Trang

There are universal moral values. These values ​​are expressed by the agreement of the majority of people living and working there. They live together, build an empire and create laws that everyone agrees and obeys. Therefore, if you violate the regulations, it will be considered as wrong and will be punished according to the level of wrong. Correctness or wrongness are given by each person’s own ideas (so mistakes can occur) but rules are set out to indicate wrong and right. In addition, people are easily affected if the people around them agree on one thing, and they will also choose to follow the majority. “Fact” is not really a word applied to morality because morality cannot be seen or heard but “fact” does. “Fact” is a word to indicate a fact or information that is completely accurate and almost unchangeable but morality can be changed.

In fact, ethics cannot be determined by math or science. But math and science can judge and explain a certain part of morality. Murder is right or wrong, it is only in one’s own opinion. The killer might have given the killer a right and he should have done it, but those around him looked at it as wrong. Therefore, to be able to distinguish right from wrong is in each person’s own opinion. As mentioned before, rules are made up of many different ideas but are formed from the majority. Rules are created to prevent people from doing things that others consider wrong. Most of all, the laws were created to protect each individual there. So, if one is killed, it is affecting an individual and it also means breaking the law leading others to think that killing is wrong.

Ethics – Anh Tai Trang

Good or bad, right or wrong cannot be answered fairly because this question is depended on each other point of view. They may grow in a different area with a different lifestyle and culture. Right or wrong, good or bad is from what they believe in. For example, if their parents tell them that helping other people is good and it is the right thing to do. They may ask themselves the question of why. However, the effect of parents is huge for their children. Therefore, they believe whatever their parents tell them. On the other hand, it also depends on their own perspective based on what they have experienced so that they can decide what is right or wrong, good or bad.


Logic is reasoning. It explains by reasoning from general to specific as we learn in class:


On the other hand,


is just from general to specific without any reasoning or explanation.

TOK Plato’s ‘Meno’ Part 5 – Anh Tai Trang

Part 5 summarizes the entire Plato’s ‘Meno’ reading. The main point of this reading is that Socrates found a way to convince others by asking them different questions but in the end came back to the main topic and the people who were asked were completely convinced.


” Then the result of our reasoning, Meno, is found to be that virtue comes to us by a divine dispensation, when it does come. But the certainty of this we shall only know when, before asking in what way virtue comes to mankind, we set about inquiring what virtue is, in and by itself. It is time now for me to go my way, but do you persuade our friend Anytus of that whereof you are now yourself persuaded, so as to put him in a gentler mood; for if you can persuade him, you will do a good turn to the people of Athens also “. [page 47].

TOK Plato’s ‘Meno’ Part 3 and 4 – Anh Tai Trang

In part 3 of Plato’s ‘Meno’, Socrates considered whether virtue can be taught or not. The conflict began when Meno said that how can things be taught when you do not know what it is.

” Then if virtue is a kind of knowledge, clearly it must be taught? ” [page 29].

Socrates explains that if virtue is a kind of knowledge, but can it be taught? Meno then agrees that knowledge can be taught. Later, Socrates keeps asking questions and slowly explains what virtue actually is and if it can be taught.


In part 4 of Plato’s ‘Meno’, a new character named ” Anytus ” is added to the story. Socrates is trying to find someone who he believes can teach virtue and that is Anytus. Socrates then found out that Anytus hates the sophists although he has no experience to know these people.


Tell me, Anytus, has any of the sophists wronged you? What makes you so hard on them?


No, heaven know I have never in my life had dealings with any of them, nor would I let any of my people have to do with them either.


Then you have absolutely no experience of those persons?


And trust I never may


How then, my good sir, can you tell whether a thing has any good or evil in it, if you are quite without experience of it?


Easily: the fact is, I know what these people are, whether I have experience of them or not.

[page 35, 36].

TOK Plato’s ‘Meno’ Part 2 – Anh Tai Trang

After reading part 2, the topic for Meno and Socrates’s argument was changed and the questions were raised again between the characters and when Socrates posed too many questions for Meno but it did not satisfy what Meno is interested in. Later, another character appeared with the character name “Boy” and they continued the conversation. “Tell me, boy, do you know that a square figure is like this?” ( Plato’s ‘Meno’ pg.17 ) Socrates asked the “Boy” about geometry questions. He ( boy ) did not understand at first, but later he understood and it proves that you know more than you think.

TOK Plato’s ‘Meno’ Part 1 – Anh Tai Trang

From my personal point of view after reading Plato’s ‘Meno’ Part 1. Between Meno and Socrates there is a debate about the issue “Why do people do evil things”. In it, both give answers that respond to each other’s questions and then another question is posed right after the answer with most of them ending with “?” (question mark).

And after reading the first part, I did not understand the story at all.