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“Art is what you can get away with.” (Andy Warhol).  This quote got my attention because it is true,  any kind of art will always have two perspectives involved, the one of the artist, and the audience.  The art will always have more than one opinion, art is something that can’t  be “wrong”.  People will always have different perspectives and opinions of it, involving their emotions, prior knowledge, reason, perspective,  culture, etc…  artworks have their own inner logic.

For a long time people think that the point of doing art is creating beautiful artworks, but that idea has been challenged over time. What is beauty? People have different opinions, and tastes. That applies to art, when people paint or do music or any other kind of art, they are transmitting their emotions and thoughts, it may be beautiful or ugly for some people, even the artist, but at the end everything is art. Someone can not decree on what is valued as art and what is not. For example, “The Girl From Ipanema”, it is the second most recorded song in human history, although most people say is horrible. It started reaching popularity over the years, by combining rhythms, harmonies, acoustics of other genders of music, and applying them to the song. Going back to “The Girl From Ipanema”,  it was the first time Gilberto created a unique way of playing the guitar. “Today experimental error is tomorrow’s new. theory.”(Paul Graham).

My perspective of art changed drastically after the discussions in class, because I realized that how people perceive art depends on their knowledge, and by staring at a painting or watching a play or hearing a song carefully and ask yourself some questions, you don’t just connect with the piece of art, also you learn things about yourself. “And if we learn about who we are, where we are, and how best to live, then we gain the highest form of knowledge, which is traditionally called wisdom.” (MacKnight).