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Quality vs Taste

When I think of quality, I think of how well something is done. How much time is put into something whether it tastes good or not. Taste is more or less like an opinion. Saying a song is bad is just like saying something tastes bad, it is what you think but there will always be another person who thinks differently.

To reflect on this argument, we will be taking a good at “Quality Vs Taste: The Icecream Story”. A good example to show that taste is just an opinion is when someone is talking about how bad the ice cream is for your body (which connects to the quality of the ice cream) and then they say “I know” he said. “It’s crap, and it’s really bad for me, but I love it anyways”. Just like most unhealthy foods, the quality of it is terrible obviously because it’s just chemicals and food dye but I see people eating foods like that more often than not.

It is like a home cooked meal. In my opinion, when you know where your food comes from, whether you grow it from your garden or you bought it at your local store, it just feels good to eat a nice home cooked meal when you know what you’re putting into your body. It is usually much more work to prepare food for yourself all the time but in the end you are being more healthy and probably saving money than if you were to go out and eat everyday. If you are smart, quality wins over taste.

History- Angelina Blacklaws

History without a question is an AOK. We know things because people have used techniques and such to go through life. For example, I know not to stick a key into an outlet because in my history/past, it had a bad outcome when i did it. People learn lessons from making mistakes in history. Of course we know things not only from our history but when we look at something such as storytelling, it is about something that has already happened (if it is true story) because once something is done it is no longer the present, it is in history.

Storytelling- Angelina

I fully agree that story telling is a way of knowing. For me, story telling was just Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs, or Cinderella but after reading the documents, it changed my mind. From “Our Most Important Way of Knowing” this part stuck out to me, ‘Storytelling is not simply a way to amuse children, or to liven up a dull party, or to kill time around an evening campfire. Storytelling is how we know most of what we know—or think we know”. That made me see that it is literally how it is said, the telling of a story. One story could be about the first person who landed on the moon. I think that storytelling makes things more bearable to hear about. Not everyone will find everything interesting but with storytelling you can add details to make it better.

universal values

i stand by what i said in class about the question ; “are their universal moral values?” with my opinion that there is no answer. No matter what someone says their will always be a different opinion and never a right answer towards things that are not facts. Even then, some people beg to differ that facts ARE opinions. So this has no answer.

Theory of altruism

Altruism is the act of helping someone before yourself. That has always been something that is important for me is to make sure people are happy and then I can be happy after. I like this the best because unless you aren’t caring about yourself at all, then its a true act of kindness to be selfless. An example would be if there was only one hot dog left and 2 people who were hungry. An act of altruism would be giving the other person the hot dog even though you are hungry. Why? Because its a selfless thing to do.

Good and Bad -Angelina Blacklaws

How do you know if something is good or bad? Well let’s begin with what your gut says. There are times when you are about to make a decision and you get this weird feeling in your stomach that makes you want to stop what you’re doing. That I call it, is the “gut feeling”. For me, that is how I decide if its a good, or a bad choice. Everyone is different though. For some people making bad decisions is important and makes them learn lessons, so is it even bad after all if you learn something out of it?

An example of when I had to make the choice of a good or bad event was deciding to go out with friends….instead of doing homework. There honestly was 2 ways to look at the situation. One being that I would go out with my friends, take a break and treat myself for working so hard lately. Option 2 was just stay at home, and get the homework over with. I can hang out with them another time right? I managed to compromise with myself and go out with my friends for a bit, and still come home in time to get my work done. Its all about listening to that gut feelings and following what you personally think is right.

Meno Part 4- Angelina Blacklaws

In this part Meno is again trying to figure out what virtue is and if it can be taught. It has been said that virtue is the good of the soul. It is talked about how some people who do bad are unaware that is it bad and thinks it is good. Some people are taught bad but for all their life they were told it was good so they thought they were good, therefore they think they have virtue.

Meno Part 3- Angelina Blacklaws

In part 3, a point is made by Socrates “in men, all other things rely on the soul, while the things of the soul rely on wisdom (page 32). I find that a confusing phrase, even though is seems straight forward. Men rely on the soul, I think that means that is how men classify people. But the soul is all declared on your wisdom. So in conclusion doesn’t that mean for a men to rely on the soul, they have to rely on the wisdom too?

meno part 2 summary

we have now entered the next part of this passage and a new character is being introduced. he does not have a name but is only called “boy”. I did not realise until the very end that Meno was in this passage.i was aware that Boy was speaking but Meno was there at the beginning which i did not notice. when i read about this, it was very similar to part 1. for example, boy was asking many questions in and over his head, even over my head.

the way Boy always asks Socrates about all these complex things gives me reason to believe that Boy and Meno maybe are friends and both wanted to talk to Socrates. so far i enjoy part one most because that one makes much more sense to me.

Menos part 1 summary- september 18

To be completely honest, i cant make much sense of this writing piece, i can understand that the writer is trying to make people understand what virtue is. the dialogue is pretty complex and hard to follow which may be the time period it was written in, or maybe to make people think harder about the lines

the dialogue starts off with a question, one that can be answered right away, or answered through the writing. from what i read about Meno part 1, i think he is a younger figure looking up to Socrates. i think that because Socrates has much longer replies and Meno asks many questions about mature things. i find the sentence “Do you say that he who desires the honourable is desirous of the good”, because there are some people in the world who desire evil, knowing that is it evil, but some who desire evil, thinking it is good. the script really has me thinking about every mistake and bad thing i have done in my life, was it because i knew it was bad or because i thought i was doing it for good?