TOK art

After reading the two handouts, I understand what good design is, and why people like certain artwork or design.

It is true that people hold different opinions toward a piece of artwork or design, but a good artwork and design have a certain inner logic that everyone can appreciate.

good design is simple.

I strongly agree with that; good designs are usually simple. Because simple design keeps only essential things, cut off the frills. Apple is the most successful company in the world, and many people buy their products due to its good design. When you take a closer look at Apple’s products or the website, you can find their design is very simple. The website basically just composes the color of black, white, and gray with a little bit of description about the product; so do Apple’s products like MacBook, and iPhone that are very simple, but very effective.

For solving math problems, mathematicians are trendy to find the simplest solution, and the simplest solution is what mathematicians call the most beautiful solution. In math class, our math teacher always poses a difficult question but has multiple solutions as homework, and if someone uses the simplest and ingenious way to solve the question, he will receive common words like “wow! that beautiful” from other students.

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