The Arts

One aspect of the arguments that was made in “Knowledge and the arts” and “Taste for Makers” which I found interesting was about asking the right questions about the work of Art. Then we begin examining our own responses to it: what it makes us think about, what it makes us feel (Knowledge and the Arts, P. 6) From the more we ask questions and continue to study a piece of art over time we can develop more of an interest in it and begin to understand it better. This can also have an effect on our opinion about the value of the art.

The video analysis of the song “The Girl From Ipanema” is one example of something that can relate to the idea of how studying a piece of art and asking questions about it can help us better understand how that piece of art makes us feel as well as it allows us to come up with a better judgement of the value of the piece of art. This is shown in how some people may feel that they personally do not enjoy the song “The Girl From Ipanema”. Because many of these people most likely have not asked questions about the song or studied the song in much detail, they are not able to fully understand the meaning so they could feel like they just don’t like the song and that there is not much value in the song. On the other hand the person in the video analysis about “The Girl From Ipanema”  had asked lots of questions and had studied the song in much more detail over a long time. I think that this had an effect on his opinion about the song and the value of the song because he was able to ask the right questions about the song and it ended up becoming something that he was interested in and a song that he enjoyed.

I think that this idea of how people are able to form opinions about a piece of art and how they are able to better understand the piece of art can relate to the topic of tase that is discussed in ” Taste for Makers”.  This essay mentions that “Saying that tase is just personal preference is a good way to prevent disputes. The trouble is, it’s not true”. I think that this quotation can connect to the idea of people forming better opinions about a piece of art when they ask the right questions because people can say that if someone likes a piece of art is just their personal opinion and that if they think that it is fine. in the same way it is mentioned in the quote it can also be considered that it is not true because without asking the right questions about a peice of art people can say that it has no value. But without asking questions and studying the piece of art when they say it has no value it is their own personal opinion but it may not exactly be true.


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