The Arts – Eloise Richardson

The Arts are very different from other studies such as Maths and Science. Where Math and Science are based off of facts and whether they are correct or not, Art is purely based on personal opinion and experiences.  As the viewer grows older, and experiences more, their thoughts and opinions change about the art. Maybe they see a different meaning behind it or have different thoughts about it.

On the other hand, there are parts of art that is more similar to other concepts is the technique. Its a firm answer whether it turned out how it was supposed to look or not. For example if you are drawing a realistic face and it turns out the way that it was intended, then you have the right techniques. In that sense it is very similar to math as in it is a set answer.

The last comparison I am going to make is Beauty is simplistic, in math they look for the easiest solution. To them that is the beautiful solution. In art, sometimes it is the same. Simply designs can be seen as appealing However that is not always the case, a lot of art that is busy, and chaotic is also considered quite beautiful.

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