The Arts

One aspect in the article ” Taste for Makers” is trying to tell me that Good design is simple. However I don’t entirely consent about this because in different area of art there are different judgement and criteria on which composition is good or which math formula is the  best.

Firstly, there are a lot of fantastic art composition in the history, some of them are quite simple for example like The Starry Night which is painted by Vincent van Gogh. But another famous painting The Last Supper which is painted by Leonardo da Vinci is not as simple as the one that I mentioned before. Both of these art works are very famous. In a word I strongly indicate that not all the good design is simple.

On the other hand, it is indispensable to solve a mathematical question without a formula.  The formula that we used are not all very simple, there is some simple one for example like a^2 + b^2=c^in the right triangle, but the most important thing is that except the formula that we know there are countless equation in the mathematical world so if the author say all of them are simple this could be contradicted by other mathematicians.

Good design is simple. You hear this from math to painting. In math it means that a shorter proof tends to be a better one. Where axioms are concerned, especially, less is more. It means much the same thing in programming. For architects and designers it means that beauty should depend on a few carefully chosen structural elements rather than a profusion of superficial ornament. (Ornament is not in itself bad, only when it’s camouflage on insipid form.) Similarly, in painting, a still life of a few carefully observed and solidly modelled objects will tend to be more interesting than a stretch of flashy but mindlessly repetitive painting of, say, a lace collar. In writing it means: say what you mean and say it briefly


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