The Arts

The taste of art is just a person’s view and someone’s taste is fine to be different from others. 

The story from the handout on page 7 “The Ice Cream Story” discusses that 

“judgments of quality are different from judgments of taste.” 

A specific example was given; a person went inside an ice cream shop, Waldorf-Ritz, and they served pistachio ice cream as he was one million customer. However, he doesn’t like pistachio ice cream. It doesn’t matter for him if it is using high brand pistachio and no artificial additives at all that the fact of dislike will not change. This is absolutely a personal taste/opinion and nothing to do with the people around him. Quality on the other hand can be evaluated by people experts in that field. For example, even I like certain artwork and say “I like it so much because many cute birds and squirrels are drawn with several colors”, some experts say something back at me such as “this is such a ridiculous work, unbalanced and zero emotion on it”.  

The other article, Taste For Makers, includes 13 types of good design. A statement I surprised the most was 

Good design can copy 

that I didn’t expect copying other work eventually link or support to create a good design. Paul Graham who wrote this article says that the emotion of wanting to imitate others’ work is that the person thinks he/she can be done better than that. Nevertheless, unknowing imitation is almost a recipe for bad design, he said. You have to be aware whether you imitate or not otherwise you are not able to make a design original. I am sure everyone has imitated anything before because I have done it thousands of times. I realized I am not good at painting and drawing when I was in 2nd grade. Since then, I once stole a few people’s ideas and combined them together to create my own work. My artwork was not good, to say the most, but at least it had done better than putting only my idea.

While studying knowledge in art, my thoughts on art change a lot. Famous artists have natural-born talent, that is what I thought at first, but then each artist has originality and specialty that can be seen from people around the world. Especially for artwork does not require a certain language to express emotion or opinion about works. At the same time, therefore, artists must cultivate their point of view in order to show their values. I believe that there is definitely a relationship between art and artist and art can contribute to a view of self.


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