The Arts

The taste of arts depends on each person who listens or watches the arts. Some people say that they do not like the art, some people say that they like it, and some people say they just do not care about it. Therefore,  it is weird that there are many arts which are considerd as univeserly good art. The evaluation of the arts are depending on each person, but there are some universal agreements that some arts are good. When Mr.MacKnight said this I thought there is a contradiction and it confused me. How do people feel that they like the arts? How do we judge the art is good or bad? Do people think it is a good art by the use of techniques? Then, how do you the techniques are going to make the art good? The longer I think about it, the more questions I have about this topic.

I agree with the statement that

Good design is simple.

I am not interested in arts, but I had to take arts until grade 9.  Every art class teacher showed the famous art which is considered as good art.  From that experience, I never saw the arts which are conplicated.

For architects and designers it means that beauty should depend on a few carefully chosen structural elements rather than a profusion of superficial ornament.

I think this can say for paintings, too. If there is a lot of use of colors and decorations, it is going to be hard to understand. I think art is one of the ways of expressing ourselves. If the people who saw the art will have a hard time to understand, it is going to be not good art. Some people may say thinking the meaning of arts is fun, but I never saw the art which is considered as good art and complicated in my experience, so I do not understand those people.

However, I know it is just my opinion who does not have any knowledge of arts. Taste of arts depends on each person, but the knowledge of the arts does not depend on the person. There is much knowledge and judge the arts. In the beginning, I had a question “How do we judge the arts good or bad? ” As I write this I may have an answer for this. Good arts are considered as good art by judging with knowledge of arts.  Going back to the statement that “Good design is simple”, The Girl From Ipanema is simple too. I guess most people will think that song is simple by listening without knowledge. The video which analysis the song also says that

Every bit of melody is either a reputation of something came before or itself the start of a new sequence which is useful.

There are many repeating in a melody which is simple. Therefore, I can say that good art is simple. However, I have a question about this topic. People who do not have art knowledge will say they like art which is considered as good art by making judgments based on their taste. Then, what is the relationship between taste and knowledge of arts?

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