Taste for Makers

Aesthetics is the understanding and inheritance of the ideals for human beings. It will never be in a popular style. To me, beauty is a feeling in the heart that can only be understood, but cannot be expressed in words. All beauty is created by the mind. The essence is the independent consciousness without thinking, it does not have a true definition, because people will create their own heart of beauty with what they do and what they see. The most beautiful thing is what you like. Guangqian Zhu who is an aesthetician said, “Life is a relatively extensive art, and everyone’s life history is his own work.” Life is beautiful,  this is an undeniable fact. As long as you pay attention to it, you will be attracted by many objects, these may be things you already like, because they struck a chord in your heart, or areas you haven’t explored yet, because your intuition was telling you they are beautiful.

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