Taste for Makers Blog Post

In this blog post, I will be reflecting on quality vs taste as talked about in the Taste for Makers hand out. The difference between quality and taste is quality really cannot be argued about, while taste in something can be. For example, artists like Elton John and Phil Collins songs are high quality, and in my opinion that cannot be argued about. however, I really like Drake as an artist, and many people may not agree with my taste in music, but I like his lyrics and think his songs are catchy.

A really good example of quality vs taste is the ice cream story. The Waldorf-Ritz ice cream is very high quality, and made with all natural ingredients, while the Mr. Softie ice cream is made with artificial colours and sweeteners and flavours. Even though the narrators friend knows that all this stuff is bad for him, and is made of almost no real ingredients, he prefers it to Waldorf-Ritz,

“I know,” he said. “It’s crap, and it’s really
bad for me, but I love it anyway.”

I think the whole point of this story is that even though things are fancy, it does not always make them best. Sometimes people prefer simpler things, like music that does not really have any meaning but they enjoy or that makes them feel good, or food that they know is bad for them but is okay to eat once in a while and really savour when they do. Taste and Quality are both important,  but I think people need to balance both, because if you only like things because they are fancy, have a deep meaning or are good for you, then you may not enjoy the simple things in life. sometimes you just need to eat Mr. Softie or listen to rap, even though many people do not consider it high quality.

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