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This is the number 1 voted piece of art work in the 2020 international art show (held online this year due to Covid 19) and was said to be so unbelievable for how simple it was. It was called the modern Picasso of simple-ism and that each of the colors represented a different meaning and all the layers showed so much and that the observers felt moved. I will talk more about the art piece later on but I wanted to talk briefly about this piece because the image can only be placed at the top of this document.

“seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognizes before it can speak. But there is also another sense in which seeing comes before words. It is seeing which establishes our place in the surrounding world; we explain that world with words, but words can never undo the fact that we are surrounded by it. The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled.” (John Berger).

What makes a piece of art “good”?  Is it the simplicity?; the complexity?; the uniqueness?, or the fact that it is a direct copy?; is it because it is timeless? momentary? beautiful or intentionally ugly? There are countless ways that art can be judged. The definition of “art” is

“Art is a diverse range of human activities involving the creation of visual, auditory or performing artifacts, which express the creator’s imagination, conceptual ideas, or technical skill, intended to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”(google)

So if art can be an abstract idea, a sound, a painting or dance, then we can not be able to depict if it is good or not. An example of what someone might call good art is Beethoven’s 9th symphony, and an example of what might be called bad art is 4 year old’s dance recital. However, as there is not just one answer to the question. If there is a teenage boy who completely hates classical music, and listens to Beethoven’s music, he might say that “Beethoven’s music is not ever good” and that he “does not like it”. There could be a mom or dad or anyone watching the little 4 year old’s dance recital and they could just be standing there, and to them it could be the best thing ever, bringing us to the first point, “art takes time and training”. Beethoven did not just sit there and in a few minuets come up with his music, “good design is hard”. But if we are saying that something is good because it is hard,  then if we say that “wiggling your ears is hard” then does being able to wiggle your ears mean that it is good design? If this were true modern art would not be in a museum.  From the quote at the start, when we are born, we don’t know much. All we know comes from our own experiences, and those might be wrong. We might see a cat and think that it is a dog, we might look at the question 1+1 and think that it means to cry.  We are born with just intuition and the development of our ancestors (DNA), and yet, without being able to say why or how, we like and dislike a lot of things.  We like or dislike eating  different foods and smells, different toys, and colors and animals yet when we get older, we are so feared of being directly judged for what we like, and the same goes for art. We are always told “this is good art” and we never know why. Then when we hear something like “the lines are perfectly placed” or the contrast or shading or whatever it is, is perfect or that the art makes us ask a question about something. We either agree because that is how we feel when we see it, we don’t agree, or we just go along with saying that its great art without even knowing why, we just do it. It is impossible to judge or grade a piece of “art” for anyone other than ourselves as we can only judge for ourselves when we are born, and have our own opinion without any influence because we don’t understand  anything.

From the picture at the start, you probably noticed, but it was all made up and it took me exactly 23 seconds to draw it, and sadly 24 minuets to try and find out how to upload it onto this blog. The point I was trying to prove is that you don’t need to be good or an expert at art to be able to  have an opinion on whether or not it is good or bad art. All you need is to be able to make decisions based on yourself, and not follow under the influence of others or what they believe. Regardless  of weather or not someone else’s opinion is the same as your own, you should follow your own opinions. As art is so objective and subjective, its impossible for anything to be considered good or bad by one person.

This is an actual famous painting, “the  church” by “Vincent Van  Gogh” and I have seen this painting so many times and even in person, and I have no clue why someone would pay a ton of money to go see it or to own it. What does everyone else think, as my opinion stands for just me.

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