Quality vs Taste

When I think of quality, I think of how well something is done. How much time is put into something whether it tastes good or not. Taste is more or less like an opinion. Saying a song is bad is just like saying something tastes bad, it is what you think but there will always be another person who thinks differently.

To reflect on this argument, we will be taking a good at “Quality Vs Taste: The Icecream Story”. A good example to show that taste is just an opinion is when someone is talking about how bad the ice cream is for your body (which connects to the quality of the ice cream) and then they say “I know” he said. “It’s crap, and it’s really bad for me, but I love it anyways”. Just like most unhealthy foods, the quality of it is terrible obviously because it’s just chemicals and food dye but I see people eating foods like that more often than not.

It is like a home cooked meal. In my opinion, when you know where your food comes from, whether you grow it from your garden or you bought it at your local store, it just feels good to eat a nice home cooked meal when you know what you’re putting into your body. It is usually much more work to prepare food for yourself all the time but in the end you are being more healthy and probably saving money than if you were to go out and eat everyday. If you are smart, quality wins over taste.

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