Differences in Good Design

In “Taste for Makers”, the author mentioned a number of different aspects that what he think a good design should be. In my opinion, some good design may contain some of them, but not all of them can be fit in a good design.

Good design is simple. Similarly, in painting, a still life of a few
carefully observed and solidly modelled objects will tend to be more interesting than a stretch of flashy but mindlessly repetitive painting of, say, a lace collar.

In this paragraph, the author think that a good design is simple, he gave the opinion of a still life tend to be more interesting than a stretch of flashy. I don’t agree to it. The reason why is in the most famous, and recognized art museum like Musee du Louvre in Paris, we don’t usually see a painting of an apple, what people like the most is always the painting like “Mona Lisa”. In this oil painting, Leonardo da Vinci used about four layers to represent the most beautiful smile that can be shown on a women’s face. More than that, other well-known painting are all complex, the background, the character… When I was watching them, I can’t find the word simple in them.

Good design is hard. If you look at the people who’ve done great work, one thing
they all seem to have in common is that they worked very hard. If you’re not
working hard, you’re probably wasting your time.

This paragraph support my idea. The author says that people always work hard for a good design. Then how could a hard work be simple? How could a simple art be known for thousand of years? If a good art is simple, then this means everyone can easily do it. If so, the name of the artist that people know, will be two times or even three times more. We will need a much bigger place to exhibit their works.

Although this is a point that I don’t agree in this passage, there are still some good point. For example good design solves the right problem. A good art solves people’s desire for imagination, a good invention solves people’s problems in life. Good art in different eyes are different, all above in just my comment.

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