In fact, before reading this article, my perception of art is very weak. It can be said that I don’t have much understanding of art, including the reflections for me, but when I finish reading this After two articles, the arguments in the article gave me great enlightenment and some understanding of art. There is an argument in the article, that is, the author said that after contacting art, he can easily discover what his identity is. At the beginning, this argument was a little confusing to me. Why would I discover what my identity is after I came into contact with art, but when I read the content of the article later, I discovered that through art, we can reflect on ourselves. Who is it and what is life.
In fact, the whole world is imperfect, because we still have art. Why do we still have art? It’s because the real face of this world is not 100% perfect, so there will be art courses to discover or Create the perfection of this world, so we can discover what our life is through art, or what our world is, instead of just living in a realm, and some works of art can’t express ourselves. The whole life, or short-lived emotions, some of the paintings of some previous writers, many parts are works to express or to inform their own emotions. Later generations will find that the author is creating works. The feeling of being a person, and the future generations know their identity and living environment of that era. So art is a subject that can be used to prove one’s identity, including living environment

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