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‘Storytelling is not simply a way to amuse children, or to liven up a dull party, or to kill time around an evening campfire. Storytelling is how we know most of what we know—or think we know. The stories we are told, the stories we believe, and the stories we tell—both to ourselves and to each other—shape our view of reality; our ideas of good and bad, right and wrong, normal and strange; our most basic beliefs about what is true, and what is false.’

Human are the only animal that can tell stories. When the story start, it is ended. Because we are the storytellers. We already made every decision for it. We can hear stories from everyone. From one by one, we stared to know this world, we realize our life, we are looking for our value and impact people with our belief. For example, I always hear some stories that I had similar experiences, and I would feel it resonate with me deeply. Rely on these resonates, the story will spread in crowd, and make strong influence.

I always think that why people tell stories? Cause we are stories. Most of the stories are from what we see, what we hear, what we think in the real life. We look at life from a different perspective, describe one thing in different ways, That’s the meaning of ‘There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes.’

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