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History is one of the most important disciplines that is considered as a science. This itself, studies events that happen in the past. Every historical event has to do with important things that human beings do. Therefore, it studies the actions and behaviour of past cultures and societies, as well as people who have created a change or have left some knowledge in the development of human beings and then considered as important characters in history. So if history is based on human beings, then it might raise the following questions: Does studying histrory impact our perspective and knowledge on human nature? And to what extent do historians’ way of thinking influence on what they know and teach?

I think that history is important as an AOK because to study history we need to be able to analyze the past in order to understand the present. The study of history makes us wonder about our past and how a single change in these events could have affected our present. Of course historians can influence in the way history is told or written, because what we know about the important events in the past is because someone at that time wrote something about it, but we will never know if the history that we are tought is a 100% true or if it might have been distorted through time.

Historical sense and poetic sense should not, in the end, be contradictory, for if poetry is the little myth we make, history is the big myth we live, and in our living, constantly remake. —Robert Penn Warren

This quote gives us a different perspective on how we see history. Robert Penn Warren compares history to poetry and tells us how history can be seen as the big myth we all live in. He tell us that like myths are made up by someone and come from their imagination mixed with something that is true, that can be the way history is. And I think that he is right, we do not know for sure if everything in history happened the way people tell us it did, because we do not have prove of it, and therefore we do not believe in everything.

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  1. Is there any way in which we could be certain of what happened in our history?
    Could any evidence be right enough, to convince you for a 100% that some event happened as it is described?

  2. Andy, your characterization of history as “a science” requires defence: what is your argument in support of this claim?

    Near the end you write, “we do not know for sure if everything in history happened the way people tell us it did, because we do not have [proof] of it.” If *certainty* Is not possible, can we nevertheless feel highly confident about some historical knowledge? If so, what *evidence* would lead us to the conviction that certain historical information is highly probable? What tools do historians use to ensure that their accounts of the past are accurate? Are the historian’s tools and procedures like those of a natural scientist in that they can be checked and verified by other historians?

  3. How can we know that through the historians, the information has not been modified over the years, and that the facts really happened as to how they transmitted the information? is there any evidence?

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