I believe that history is the most important way of knowing, and telling history are just another way of telling story just with more FACTS and OBJECTIVE, because it helps to shape the personality of the next generation and it also gives them a better view of what is happening on this planet.

In the excerpts published by Jezebel, the Texas textbooks employ all the principles of good, strong, clear writing when talking about the “upside” of slavery. But when writing about the brutality of slavery, the writers use all the tricks of obfuscation.

despite the importance of telling the truth about history, some people are still trying to conceal them by using misleading expression in the text book, which I personally don’t agree with, because history is what people faith in.


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  1. I think the same way that history is a storytelling, because we are not able to experience the history. We will have the knowledge of history by reading or hearing the storytelling.

  2. I also agree with you that some expressions used to describe the events lead to misleading. Moreover, this applies to any country which trying to conceal from real history.

  3. Yifan, this is too brief and too general. You need to examine the assigned texts closely, refer to specific details, and produce a careful analysis, not just a casual take.

  4. i agree with you my bro. we are all been taught by our teacher and what they told us were the last generation has been done. On the other hand, we could also been mislead by the textbook that we read, so there shouldn’t be a lot of fake history otherwise the conflict will be a lot.

  5. I agree with you that history is another way of storytelling, but in my opinion, I don’t think history is what people faith in. I think at most of the time history is just a thing which people can study it and learn things from it. It’s just a tool to help us better understand the mankind and how to solve or prevent bad things happen.

  6. Why do you think that history is the most important way of knowing and why is history what people have faith in? I think its a really good start but I think if you explained and expanded your ideas more, you would get a better answer to the question.

  7. I agree with you History being the most important WOK but how can we be so sure something we are being taught is correct? if there are no physical evidence?

  8. i also agree with your opion , story really can helps to shape the personality of the next generation,but i dont think that history is what people faith in. history is already been made. that’s the fact, all the people around the world should know it

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