The books play down the horror of slavery and even seem to claim that it had an upside. This upside took the form of a distinctive African-American culture, in which family was central, Christianity provided “hope,” folk tales expressed “joy” and community dances were important social even

From this paragraph we could know that in the textbook for little children they says that slavery which is not good is a kind of normal thing and even have some benefit. My point is this is not a good way for education. Everything happened before we called it history and it is a very serious object without upside, so nobody should being cheat on talking history. However in the Texas they even make slavery which is a wrong thing happened in history convert to a simple easy matter and teach this to they children in the education, when they grow up some of them might go out side of their hometown and here is one thing interesting, the history that they known was totally different, for the easy going person this would not be a matter, what about the person who are really cares about these things. For example if two people their culture were different it’s going to be very easy to have conflict and different culture was due to their different nationality and education. And I think the other state in America probably have different textbook to teaching children so if the people in a same country have a different acknowledge it’s very weird so I think upside history was not a good thing.

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  1. I won’t say that point u said is right, but I think even upside history can be a good source to study about other places. However, we shouldn’t just believe what the textbook said and focus on how to recognize historical facts.

  2. I agree with you that upside of history is not good, but how do we know whether it is upside of history, it is possible that everything we learnt about history is just what others want us to know, we do not have the ability to actually distinguish the facts because we are not the witnesser.

  3. I do agree with your opinion, history is all about facts, objective and telling story, it shouldn’t even be judged since different perspective are exist in history.

  4. I don’t think there are upside of the history, since it’s a very objective form of story, different perspective exist through the world.

  5. You’re saying different stated having different books and knowledge is ‘weird’, but many schools (even public schools) have different textbooks, and some don’t follow textbooks at all.

  6. Do you think there’s a reason for simplifying the slave trade? Im not saying it’s a good thing, but as we studied in story telling, adults quite often try to protect younger children, for younger students it is probably a less scary way of saying it so they still know it happened but with out scarring them. And as the students get older they will learn what actually happens.

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