Anh Tai Trang – Storytelling

“Elsewhere, the mosaics take the form of constellations — a reminder that the empire and its economy once dominated everywhere you could see the stars at night.”

They were right to compare economics like stars because we can see it everywhere. The economics of all countries are particularly interested in because it can evaluate how much money you hold is worth if you travel through another country. For example, 1USD = 23,000VND. It is an estimate and comparison of the economic development of each country. In addition, when it comes to economics, we always think of something very formal.

“Economics often appears to be an exercise in number-crunching, but it
actually resembles storytelling more than mathematics.”

It’s correct. Economics are calculated from mathematical numbers and used in a very logical way. But it’s not just numbers, economics is all about people’s living conditions, their relationships, big and small in the society.

I think that one should not be overemphasized because one can do something. Not to say that we should not applaud them for what they can do for the economy. What I’m talking about is honoring more standards and focus on the younger generations; The younger generation may be the next ones to be able to do more feats or “beat your high scores”. Do not put one person too high because there will be another higher than them and it will continue. I find that these readings are quite good because they contain a lot of important events that have happened and make some hidden comments in the reading. It can be seen that when we only do something small in daily life, it will also make something extremely useful for society. Just like an individual can revive a large economy and only need a little motivation in life.

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