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In economics, there are tons of information and everyday data to consider. The final figures are not allowed to have any false information in order to keep the economic cycle in balance. There will not be any data that can be 100% certain to determine where the economy is located. But, we can make estimates based on numbers every day. Economics cannot be determined because it can go up or down at any time. Economists tend to analyze why the economy is up or down and can rely on what they see to be able to predict what will happen. In order to ensure the information was completely accurate so that economists could guess, strict laws were put in place. People are greedy and they will want more of what they possess. Therefore, corruption or bribery happen in the economy a lot. But if we rely on the economic system, we can find out that it does not fit.

Is economics science? There will be those who agree and disagree that economics is science. There is nothing wrong with that because it is the opinion of every person. But for me, I think economics is science because it relies on the facts and information of the economy to calculate as logically as possible in order to develop the economy of a country in general and the whole world. in particular.

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  1. Anh Tai, you need to distinguish between *the economy*, which “goes up and down,” and *economics*, which is an academic field of study that does not go up and down with the stock market or the GDP. Also: You need to ask Mr. Gardner and do some research about the mathematical models that economists use. Do they reflect reality, or are they invented systems that may or may not reflect reality. Also: You need to ask Mr. Gardner and do some research about the ways in which economists’ opinions about economics can be shaped by their political opinions.

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