I believe that emotions can’t help you to learn. Emotions only distract you from studying. It becomes harder to focus on your work. As a result you have troubles learning new things. Although, sometimes emotions might help you to finish your work, you won’t be able to productively start something new. Emotions are useful for learning life lessons, but not class ones. It is due to the fact that books are not alive, they don’t have emotions, and the essential thing about emotion is that it is used in (live) communication. And there is no communication during studying (in general, of course you can communicate with your tutor, but it is not cause of you studying, but cause communication goes on!), that is why emotion do not support learning that much. I want to give an example that emotions for communication and logic is for learning: when you read a chemistry book, you don’t relate yourself with the author, but when communicating though text you use emojis, and it is easier to express your mood. So as I have said knowledge and emotions do not go along.

Unless it is intuition!? No! Some people argue that intuition can help you, even if you haven’t got logical explanation. However, I believe that it is an emotion as well as fear. And here three things you should consider, for my conclusion to be logical. First of all, we shouldn’t confuse intuition with paranoia, cause paranoia is not an emotion, but just our primary instinct, which saves you from wondering too much and then finding yourself in trouble. Next there are no people, who would say: well my intuition told me to jump, cause they are dead. We often do not see negative effects of our intuition as it can sometimes lead to things such as death. Additionally, we don’t often share our failures as we don’t like to shame ourselves, meaning that we wouldn’t tell others about failures of our intuition. So we can conclude that intuition is just a feeling/emotion we experience, which makes us decide on the things and have 50/50 success. It seems beneficial cause of paranoia, but in fact the same thing as feelings/emotions*.

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