universal values

i stand by what i said in class about the question ; “are their universal moral values?” with my opinion that there is no answer. No matter what someone says their will always be a different opinion and never a right answer towards things that are not facts. Even then, some people beg to differ that facts ARE opinions. So this has no answer.

12 thoughts on “universal values”

  1. I agree with what you are saying about how it is hard to answer this question because everyone will always have different opinions. Are there any situations where you think everyone agrees about what is right and wrong?

  2. Well, is true that is a hard question, but don’t you think that are situations where everyone know what’s right and what’s wrong? Like for example murder, everyone agrees that’s bad, and how do you name that? Do you think is just a way of thinking where we just all think the same?

    1. Yes I do see where you come from with that but when details are looked into for a situation it may cause someone to think murder isn’t bad. For example if its about protecting yourself only to murder someone, some people may believe it is not so wrong after all, as others things its wrong no matter what.

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