universal moral values

I think that there are universal moral values, because everybody has a sense of knowing what is right and what is wrong. Different cultures or different people may think different things are right and wrong, but they still think some things are right and some wrong. we argue and disagree so much about what is good and bad because for some things, there are blurry lines. If one person murders another person, they will go to jail, and they possibly could be executed by the state. this is murder, but some people do not think it is bad because the person murdered somebody and the state is just serving justice. The word fact can be applied to ethics, because some things are just a fact, like “murder is wrong”, and everybody knows it is wrong.

2 thoughts on “universal moral values”

  1. I agree with what you say about how everyone agrees and knows that murder is wrong. Can you think of any situations where people could possibly disagree with this?

  2. Don’t you think that maybe there no any universal values and is just all about of the education? The way you are educated the values you have, and that why with topics such as murder we most of us agree that is wrong, but others who were educated in a place were they told them that murder is right won’t think the same, is just about education. Couldn’t be just a common way of thinking and not a moral value?

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