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Do I think there are universal moral values? Yes I do. Everyone around the world has some concept of the same moral values but some have different takes on it and some choose not to follow it. For example ‘don’t murder people’ is a big one, however some cultures think it is ok if they don’t have the same beliefs and values because the makes them less human. There are also the few people who kill because they choose to, these people however usually get penalized for doing so. Another wildly known one is ‘respect your parents’ unfortunately this one gets broken a lot because it has become “cool” not to. eventually most people do grow out of that phase and go back to following it.

In regards to wether it is a fact or not, I think it is, but not like a mathematical fact. There are a lot more factors that play a role in psychology.

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  1. If someone believes in a moral value why would they want to not follow it? The thing with having it universal is that it apples for everyone, but if there are exceptions in the society, like murderers or people who see others as less, is it still allowed to be called “universal”?

    1. I think it is still universal because people are taught as a kid to not do those things but they choose to ignore that, they still are aware of the moral value. If they don’t realize that it could be due to illness or lack of information but the percentage of people who do not know about the values are very low.

    1. Its not universally agreed that you should disrespect them, it is the opposite. However most children go through rebellions and think they should disrespect them, not all do.

  2. I don’t get why do you think respecting or disrespecting parents is a moral value, personally I think that is more about the way are you educated than the moral values un that case. Why do you think that type of think I’d consider a mural value?

  3. I don’t think moral values are facts because no one can prove whether it is right or wrong using evidence. Some moral values are also not accepted by some people so we can only say they are subjective opinions of a group of people.

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