Universal Moral Values

I do not think there are universal moral values, humans have decided through history what is wrong or right but I do not think it is the same for everybody, long ago it was okay to kill different people for reasons that right now it is not okay to do, also as today it is still something that not everybody agrees on. Most of us think that killing is wrong but the same authorities that made us think that also kill criminals on death penalty. i do not think universal moral values exist because I think it is very hard to get an idea that absolutely everybody agrees on and everybody follows it.

I do not think that “fact” is a right word to apply in this context because a fact is something that is, by science, proven right and it is not only that people think is right. I do think it is an opinion and that most people agree that killing is wrong but I think that there will always be an exception.

7 thoughts on “Universal Moral Values”

  1. yes I agree with what you said, people used to think it was okay to kill for different reasons that are not okay now. it is also true that it is hard for the government to say that killing is wrong, when they are killing people.

  2. I also think moral values should not be considered as facts because there is no evidence to prove whether it is right or wrong, it is just a subjective idea.

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