Universal Moral Values

The dispute whether universal moral values are real or not has been around for years and it was generally decided that there are no universal moral values. However, most people would agree on certain subjects such as murder. Everyone knows that murder is bad, however most people do not think that murdering animals is bad. So where do we draw the line between what is ethically correct? and why is killing animals still considered ethically correct? There are still so many things we have not considered in this dispute.

7 thoughts on “Universal Moral Values”

    1. Yes and no, I believe we do not have a vast range of knowledge about this subject so we are appointed to doing and believing what the rest of society is doing but I am not sure why that is.

  1. This is a good post overall, one thing is it sounds more like what you have heard other than your thoughts on this topic. Maybe have “I think this” over “it was generally decided:) nice job love

  2. I agree with your argument, throughout the entirety of history humans have always been changing interpretations of certain things to bring more benefits. Killing animals are fine but humans are not is a perfect example of this. How can there be universal moral values if we ourselves keep changing the definition of the word ‘murder’ to best work for us in the current condition?

  3. In fact, people gradually do not think it is right to kill animals, the Animal Protection Association often do something about it. Does this mean that people’s awareness of morality has improved?

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