Universal moral value

I think there is no universal moral value because each country, each religion, and each school has its own definition of things. We can’t make an exact border between a good thing and a bad thing, in other words, one thing must do evil or come into conflict when you have to choose one thing from two good. I will take one example from “The Argument For Universal Moral Values a.k.a Moral Facts”, The life of a mother vs. The life of an unborn foetus. Both lives have to alive in every situation; however, you might have to give up and kill either one life if you in a worse situation. We are not able to classify it as good or bad because it depends on the situation and explanation. And if it is published, people around the world blame pregnant a woman or doctor based on the personal definition. The personal definition is affected by religion, education, environment and culture. Thus, I am assuming that there isn’t even one bad thing everyone will agree to.

6 thoughts on “Universal moral value”

  1. I agree, but can we build a less detailed rule?Something like: do what ever you think is right! Do you think that we can find balance between universality and applicability?

  2. I agree with you that there is no moral values because everyone takes a different side on the problem and will thus think differently. What is right what is wrong really depends on the different situations and different people.

  3. Miku, I like the example u mentioned in your post. The moral value for us is to create a more equitable and and fear future. No one can judge another one when they are not totally understand their experience and feelings.

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