Universal moral value

For me, there is no universal moral value in this world. Moral value is based on people’s minds, which sometimes hold “unjustice” opinion. For instance, almost everywhere on the planet is advocating “gender equality”—it opens up opportunities for women, and gives the justices for all humankind. However, there is not really clear meaning for “gender equality”.  It just like a couple arguing and fighting in public if the male is attacking the female verbally or physically, people will think the man is doing the wrong things to the lady; however, people may have a really high chance to ignore the possibility of the lady does wrong things. In comparison, if the female is doing the same thing to the male in public, people most likely to think that the man might have done something wrong. Therefore, the reality is there is no real “equality” in human society. There is no “universal moral value” in human society.

3 thoughts on “Universal moral value”

  1. There are no real values in the world. Everyone is a different individual and has different ideas. Just because human beings are social animals, we should not assume that different values are wrong.

  2. I disagree,I think that they do exist but they are just not as defined as other things because doing so would be too hard.Its impossible to create a moral value that would help in every situation.

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