Universal moral value

I think that there is no universal moral value, but moral value exists in the world. The moral value is developed by a human being, people use it to judge what is right or wrong. But people in different life experience, stratum, culture, believes have different views in right and wrong. For example, in the part of India, eating or slaughter of cows is seriously prohibited because of Hinduism. However, in other parts of the world, eating cows’ meet is normal. In some Africa clans, eating human‘s died body is a normal thing to do, but it is totally unacceptable in our society. Therefore, moral value exists, but the moral value is not the same for every people.

8 thoughts on “Universal moral value”

  1. I agree to your opinion that ther is no moral value because developed by a human being, people. You mentioned India, cow is prohibited but I think this example is too specific to think as a moral value.

  2. I am agree with your opinion and also I like the way of how you apply your knowledge from another perspective, with another type of example. If so why are there some things we all agree are bad?

  3. I agree that there is no universal moral value, but moral value exist in the world. There is a person who said there is “most common thoughts”. Maybe we can say moral value which exist in the world is “most common value” by combing two opinions.

  4. I agree your opinion. People sometimes use their own opinions to judge extreme things. Indeed, there is no right or wrong to particular events; people don’t have unanimous decision or agreement. The right of self-protecting is unquestionable, then it is not used wrongly. There is no clear explanation for “moral values”.

  5. It is an interesting point to make, but I am confused about this part “moral value exists, but the moral value is not the same for every people”. Isn’t this contradicting?

  6. I disagree because there are universal moral values, but it’s too universal that it’s impossible to understand since that we can’t even describe the universe.

  7. I agree with your opinion as each person creates his own understanding of moral values, for example, a person lived in a family among horrible and evil people and his understanding of moral values will come from his life experience which means that he will be the same as those among whom he lived .

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