– Moral Values –

I think that moral values still exist in the world, but it depends on the religion, culture or own thoughts. They also depends on your own beliefs because we are used to use them if they are convenient for us. For example in the past there was a moral value where all woman’s had to take care of the house and the men could work and do whatever they wanted to do. The moral values will always exist but there will always change because of the evolution. In conclusion nowadays no one cares about anything, just about themselves.

Moreover, personally I think that moral phrases have no truth values. Nothing in the physical universe tells us what makes an action a good action or a specific desirable brain state. So if something seems to as right or wrong is not because of the moral facts is just because most people think the same, that’s happen with murder, most people think that is not good murdering but that’s because human are created to think in a similar way, we have the same feelings and we react this way with this type of topics such as murder, I think this is more related with education than fact values.

Hence, the way you are educated, will be your values. Each person has there own values, but sometimes they are just similar for everyone or most people like it happen with murder. Is just a way of thinking. 

4 thoughts on “– Moral Values –”

  1. Basically, you mean that personal values ​​exist and universal moral values ​​do not exist and, sometimes, it is only a coincidence of thoughts when people think alike?

  2. No, I mean that universal values exist, but they have no truth values because they are not about right or wrong, it’s just about a common way of thinking. Anything tell us what’s wrong or right, it’s just what we think from our point o view what is right or wrong. That’s why moral values exist but have no truth values.

  3. We should decide on Universal values, cause we can say that stealing is bad and it is a moral value, but it is not universal. It is much harder to decide on something universal. Anyway I agree with your statement and it is right, but answering the question about Universality of something is the thing we should consider.

  4. Moral values exist, but universal moral values is something that applies to everyone regardless of their culture, religion or thoughts. If it does not apply to everyone it isn’t universal.

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