The three parts that I liked about the chapter “is a two way relationship between emotions and beliefs” [150], that emotions provide us with energy to “engage in intellectual activity” [150] and that emotions are an obstacle to knowledge. I liked these in particular as when I read them I thought and realized that in fact some of these things I have noticed before but only realized when I read the chapter.

The part that interested me the most in this chapter is on page 150. it states that emotions affect our beliefs and our beliefs affect our emotions. I think this is really interesting as it makes me think about what I believe and why I believe. It also means that if there is a change in our beliefs, then that could affect our emotions in both a positive of negative way. Emotions can be both physical and mental. This means that they can be affected by our bodies. For example if something hurts us physically then that could affect us in a negative way as we might have a bad day after that and that could greatly affect our mood. If something hurts us mentally then the same could happen and we could have a really bad day and not feel very good. Emotion can be changed but sometimes it can be extremely challenging.

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