Are there universal moral values?

In my opinion, there is no universal moral value. There are a lot of religions and cultures in this world and each person has different definition of bad and good things. For example, it is bad to eat pork for Islam people, but for every religious does not think it a bad thing. The example which talked in the class was killing people. I think everyone will say that killing people is a bad things. Then what happen to the death penalty which is usually use as subject of discussion. If killing the people is a bad thing, the death penalty should be stop. However, there are a lot of countries which has death penalty even though they says killing people will cause penalty.

3 thoughts on “Are there universal moral values?”

  1. I like the different examples that you use in your post. I agree that each moral value depends on the place, and with the people that have been applied. It is impossible to have the same moral values for all the members in a community.

  2. I agree with what you are saying about how moral values depend on the situation and that not everyone will always agree. Why do you think that there are some places who still use the death penalty?

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