Are There Universal Moral Values?

I believe that there are universal moral values. Even though we all come from different cultures and backgrounds there are some things that we all believe. For example, all humans believe that it is a nice thing to do to say hello when you see someone you know on the street or in the hallway at school. I believe that this is a universal moral value as even though we do not see it being done all the time in different countries we can trust that it happens. This is one example of a universal moral value, Kindness.

Another example that I feel is a universal moral value is that we treat all people the same. This doesn’t always happen for various reasons but at one point in time everyone has treated other people like equals. For example, if you saw someone on the streets begging for change, we do not know what he/she went through to get to where they are now. It is assumed to be morally correct to be nice to people who have it harder than us in life and are struggling to make ends meet. one would want others to do the same for us if we were in that situation.

These are just two examples of universal moral values, and I believe that there are many more.

6 thoughts on “Are There Universal Moral Values?”

  1. I honestly believe that there isn’t any universal moral value, but kindness is an exception as well. Think about how in many cultures being kind is different.

  2. I could agree with your comment if you used the word (majority) and not the word (all). Since there are people for whom, some sort of daily thing (for example, to understand a person who is begging for change), for them it may be disgusting because of a childhood injury that they experienced in childhood or something else.

  3. I completely agree with the things you said about if for example saying hi to a friend but i dont think that counts as a moral value,for me thats just being nice.

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