Are there universal moral values?

I don’t think we have universal moral values because of different cultures and everyone has a different personality.  I think the universal moral values vary greatly depending on the environment in which they were born and raised. For example, if you grow up in a wealthy family, you will think that theft is bad, but if you grow up in a poor, you will think that theft is inevitable to live.

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  1. I agree that is has something to do with where you are born and raised, but do you think that someone who Is not as rich would think that stealing is not as bad? or do you think that they know its not good but they are more likely to do it because they need it.

    1. Again it depends on the situation. In one situation stealing can be good in another it can be bad. We have to decide on a certain situation, if the harm of stealing is greater than good- it is bad, if not it is good. However, stealing can be both. I think that stealing is a bad topic to discuss, cause it doesn’t often mean an extreme situations, it is light. For example, killing someone to survive. It has radical influence on the situation. And in this case it is obvious that you can not apply rules to such situation, and you need to decide yourself concidering the details.

  2. I agree with what you are saying here, however do you think that even rich people still steal just in a different area such as through business deals. Would it still be considered as “theft” and why is it more common for people to assume poor people to steal?

  3. You do make a point when stating everyone has the same backgrounds and therefore different interpretations of things, but the example given seems a bit off: the poor might think that theft is bad but decides to do it anyway in order to live, in that sense, doesn’t both the rich and poor think that theft is wrong? Therefore a universal moral value?

  4. I agree that different cultures and families make different kinds of people. But it does not affect the existence of universal moral values. In the law, stealing is a wrong behaviour, because people generally think that stealing is wrong, it is a bad behaviour for individuals, society and the country. That’s why we have law to protect the world.

  5. Your point is especially true. Everyone’s values are often inspired by his family and the environment he grew up in. There is no need to change what others think.

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