Are there universal moral values?

In my opinion, there are no moral values in this world, nothing is right or wrong. Therefore, no moral judgments are true. However, it depends on the group we are in, whether country, culture and religion. In conclusion, as human beings that we are, we must be able to establish universal moral values ​​based on the human rights of the country or religion to which we belong. Good and evil for a rational being will always exist.

2 thoughts on “Are there universal moral values?”

  1. I agree with your statement that good or bad will always exist and that it will be interpreted differently by different cultures. But don’t you think there are universals ideas behind this values?

  2. Daniela, I agree on the idea you have about that there is no good and wrong and It is true, I think that your idea of good and wrong depends on who you are and your roots

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