Are there moral universal values?

So, a universal value would be something in which everyone in the world agrees with, for example, killing babies is wrong. In my opinion, there is nothing in what we humans can all agree with. This is because of different perspectives or situations. For example, if we say that killing babies no matter what is wrong, obviously the right choice for everyone would be to not harm any of these creatures. Yet, what if there is this baby that is going to die in a week, but he or she will be in extreme pain. What would be the correct answer? Lots of people would say that in this situation the best way would be to put the kid down. Basically, there are lots of values, and each culture has a different interpretations of them. There is no such thing as a universal moral value.

One thought on “Are there moral universal values?”

  1. Yeah, I think you do make a good example which persuade we to convince that in some special situation there do have some problems that human cannot have the choice. And what’s more in the case that you shows, if there is a baby who is going to die in a week, there must have different opinion about whether we kill this baby or not because different people have different idea about a thing.

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