Analyzation about universal moral values

In this world there are a moral value called universal moral values, it surpass nationality, country, and belief, it’s a value that all the human have and it is baseline of human morality. In my opinion there are three different point in universal moral values, which is fair, justice and freedom. Fair shows that when people are restricted by the laws everybody are same so nobody are unfair except crime. In some easy word justice means when you doing something good you will get a good retribution, however when you doing something bad you will get a bad report.

Above all i think there is a universal moral value which is fair justice and freedom.

5 thoughts on “Analyzation about universal moral values”

    1. They are not universal, not everyone believes that truth is a good or bad and not everyone thinks that respect is good. However, I wouldn’t also agree that freedom is present, wouldn’t say that justice and fairness even exist. So believing that something, what doesn’t even exist, can’t be universal. It is just our wish to be treated with fairness, but does it mean that we will threat others with fairness. Often in our mind fairness exists only for us, but not for others, and there comes saying-“All humans are equal, but some humans are more equal than others”.

  1. Do you think there are more moral values that we have yet to decode? are there moral values we use but you have not considered such as the element of respect or dignity?

  2. Your post is very convincing. At first I believe that there is no moral values but when you brought up this three values I changed my thoughts a little bit. But will everyone in the world believe that justice, freedom and fairness is good? For example in my opinion I think fairness is also subjective because it is impossible for everyone to feel they are being fairly treated.

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