Golden Rule of Ethics

The Golden Rule of ethics is the principle that you should treat people the way you want to be treated in return which is similar to the law of reciprocity. I like this theory the best because it is a well supported theory and it is used in societies all around the world. In our society in Canada we use it in everyday situations such as holding the door open for others, which to the people who were born and raised here, seems like common courtesy, it is also an act of reciprocity. When we hold the door open for someone, we hope that they will treat us with the same level of respect, even if that means just saying thank you with a smile. We can also find it in a chain reaction type of situation. For example, if someone in the drivethru pays for the order behind them, they are doing that to make others happy in hopes that another time when they go through the drivethru, someone will do the same for them. Commonly, if one person pays for the order behind them, that person will pay for those behind them and the chain will continue. We have been using the golden rule, unknowingly since we were children which is most likely why most Canadians are deemed as polite and kind.

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