Ethics is a branch off of philosophy that commonly refers back to the concepts of right and wrong principles. Ethics is the most commonly used area of knowledge because it relates into our everyday life the most. We learn the principles of ethics as children and carry them with us throughout our whole lives. For example, we commonly hear the phrase “if all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you jump too?”. If you use ethical thinking you would clearly say no because your own life is not worth risking even for a friend and we sometimes refer to ethical principles as common sense. In my life I use these principles quite a lot. For example, I have never broken the law. Even when there is an opportunity to do so, I always use the ethically correct choice. It can sometimes be difficult to define what is right and what is wrong. generally we have a pretty good understanding of social rights and wrongs. For example, if you cross the road while there is a lot of traffic, you will get hit. We can tell an action is ethically wrong because there will be a negative consequence attached to it, however sometimes we do things that we know are wrong even with the knowledge that there will be negative consequences. For example, as teens and adults we drink alcohol, smoke ad vape even though we know there are severe negative consequences that come with doing so.

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