Plato’s Meno part 3 and 4

In this parts, Meno try to figure out is virtue can be taught or it comes with our life. In Socrates’ point, he thinks they need to find out what is virtue before they discuss can it be taught or not. Then they defined virtue is a good of the soul, the people that are good must know what is virtue and must have virtue, because they think virtue is a good thing, good people must have it. After that, Socrates used the  way of how to educate his child of a  gentlemen in their country as example to ask Anytus about can goods, virtue be taught, but this make him angry about it.


Socrates, I consider you are too apt to speak ill of people. I, for one, if you will take my advice, would warn you to be careful: in most cities it is probably easier to do people harm than good, and particularly in this one; I think you know that yourself.


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  1. Overall, I agree with your interpretation of this part. The content you summarize is reasonable, especially the main ideas Socrates post. The only thing is can you add more personal response for the texts and analyze more detailed.

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