Plato’s Meno Part 2

In this part of Plate’s Meno, Meno starts to question himself about whether virtue can be taught or not. This question raised by Meno is now being challenged by opinions that were driven by his own statements and Socrates, with the help of a slave boy of Meno’s, taught him that both were wrong, believing the wrong fact to be right is worse than knowing to be wrong, to begin with.

What Socrates taught Meno in Part 2 is about the difference between popular opinion and widely acknowledged facts that are proven. Socrates by knowing he knows nothing is smarter than those who believed they knew everything yet the things they’ve believed are wrong.

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  1. George, I find your blog post about part two of ‘Meno’ significantly better than your first, in which you simply summarized the story. In this post, compared to your first, in addition to simple paraphrasing you actually added your own interpretation of the ideologies behind this part. I congratulate you on your improvements.

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