Platoʼs ʻMenoʼ

Part 1:

Blog post:

It all started with a simple question from Meno, he wanted to achieve Virtue. But he had the wrong idea, he would’ve ask anyone else he would probably had a simple answer. However we decided to go ask Socrates. The following:

“Can you tell me, Socrates, whether virtue can be taught, or is acquired by practice, not teaching? Or if neither by practice nor by learning, whether it comes to mankind by nature or in some other way?”

To which Socrates said he couldn’t answer without truly knowing what virtue is. This made me makes Meno question his knowledge about a subject he thought he knew. For which Socrates tries to argue that Meno’s believes of the true meaning of virtue were wrong. And that his idea of virtue being the ability to govern is not completely true.

“No, indeed, it would be unlikely, my excellent friend. And again, consider this further point: you say it is “to be able to govern”; shall we not add to that—“justly, not unjustly”?”

From this part I learned that we truly know nothing, or that at least some of the things we think we know can be rebutted by some simple questions




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