Meno Plato’s part 5

The last conversation between meno and Socrates is mainly about the question, whether if virtue can be taught or if you were born with it. After Socrates questioned meno with a lot of deep thinking questions, they came to think that virtue could be taught and if had virtue was because you were born with it.

 Then the results of our training, Meno, is found to be that virtue comes to us by a divine dispensation, whenn it does come.

3 thoughts on “Meno Plato’s part 5”

  1. I found interesting that after all they talked, they came back to the same first question. But now they ask whether virtue can be taught or if it is born with. Same with goodnesses, which is an intriguing question that till this day we don’t have an argument.

  2. I find quite interesting how content Meno was and how Socrates changed his own argument against him implying that if virtue could be taught, there would be teachers for it.

  3. I also found that quote very interesting, if we are born with it, then how could someone not teach it. I think for your post, if you put a response after your quote just describing what is going on(give explanation) or some response that is personal to you, and it would make your post have more length.

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