Meno Part Five

The part that I liked the most out of part five of Plato’s Meno is at the beginning. Socrates is speaking to Meno about how people “teach” virtue.

Then are we to call those persons teachers of this thing, when they do not even agree on that great question? [39]

Socrates is saying, “How can we call these people teachers if we cannot even agree if virtue can actually be taught? How can they teach it if they do not know the answer? How does this make all of our teachers teachers? Do they know the answers to what they are teaching? If there is no answer to a question how do we learn what it means?”

This quotation made me think about how teachers actually teach so that students want to learn.

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  1. I like how you could mentioned that the quote made you think about how teachers teach so that students want to learn because I think that putting this into your response gave people another topic to think about.

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