Meno Part 5

In part 5 of Plato’s Meno, Socrates and Meno finish their discussion and now finish with a new discussion about knowledge versus belief. On page 41, Meno mentions how he
wonders how good people come to exist and if there are any good people at all. I found this quite interesting because even in modern times we still struggle with figuring out if a person is good or bad or what defines a “good person”. All these ideas they spoke about throughout part 5, and through the rest of the Meno are relevant ideas to today. I found a particular part in part 5 intriguing. When Meno and Socrates were talking about good guidance or right opinions being just as valuable as knowledge:

Hence true opinion is as good a guide to rightness of action as knowledge; and this is a point we omitted just now in our consideration of the nature of virtue, when we stated that knowledge is the only guide of right action; whereas we find there is also true opinion. (42)

In the quotation, it explains what they were talking about, as mentioned before as well as a deeper understanding about the concept they are trying to explain. I found that part 5 was the least confusing out of all of the parts and the idea behind it was the easiest to follow.

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  1. Yeah, I agree. It might be hard to define if person is good or bad. However, I struggle to say that right opinion as valuable as knowledge. Socrates doesn’t go deep in this topic, but ourselves we can figure out that it is fairly simple to mislead right opinion, unless person KNOWS that his opinion is right. What do you think about it, Adala?

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