Meno Part 5

I n part 5 Meno is continuing to try to get the answer to his question of wether or not virtue can be taught. multiple times through this part of the story. Meno thinks that he has found the answer to his question but when Socrates continues to question him he realizes that maybe that isn’t the right answer to the question he is asking.

Socrates: Well, can you name any other subject in which the professing teachers are not only refused recognition as teachers of others, but regarded as not even understanding it themselves, and indeed as inferior in the very quality of which they claim to be teachers; while those who are themselves recognized as men of worth and honour say at one time that it is teachable, and at another that it is not? When people are so confused about this or that matter, can you say they are teachers in any proper sense of the word?


In this passage I think that Socrates was asking meno if he thinks that if a teacher is confused by the subject that they are teaching and they do not understand it then can they actually be considered teachers.

From this Meno forms the conclusion that if people don’t understand virtue then it can not be taught therefore virtue c an not be taught.


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