Meno part 4

Meno part 4:

In part four they have an encounter with Anytus and at first is seems as if he and Socrates have a same idea of the sophists, they talk about them being the worst. Further on Socrates tells Anytus that how can he hate them if he hasn’t met one of them, this confrontation causes Anytus to leave at the end of the chapter.

I found this chapter really interesting because Socrates expose the truth about Anytus and I happen to relate to it. The truth was that even without ever meeting a sophist he had hate. That use to happen to me with food, even though I had never tried it I hated it. And its something that we all experience and I liked the approach of it in the text.

5 thoughts on “Meno part 4”

  1. I also found this part interesting I didn’t expect that Anytus would react like that and that he would hate so much the sophist.I liked that at the end Anytus had to leave because Socrates was right and he knew it.

  2. Even with Anytus’ anger, Socrates managed to maintain his posture and overwhelm Anytus’ temperament and hate for the sophists, That’s how Socrates was.

  3. I agree with Diego. Sometimes we judge things by watching only the external characteristics and not going into the internal ones. We can never judge a book, just by its cover and Anytus has to know this. Maybe sophists are not as that bad, but he has to give them a chance to know them better.

  4. People tend to judge people or things based on what they have heard. The example mentioned is true. Most of us as kids said we didn’t like something without trying it. Same as some people could say they dislike some political party only because they heard so from someone close.

  5. I liked the way you explained what happens in part 4 of Meno and how you discuss how people tend to judge things without having a real perspective on things.

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