Meno 5

After reading Meno part 5, Socrates decides nobody can’t teach virtue. Menon asks that excellent people know the virtue, but Socrates denies it. Menon then asks if even the existence of a “person with virtue” would be denied. Socrates pointed out that they had not realized that virtue was not only guided by “knowledge”. 

In part 4, he said knowledge is a virtue but he thinks it not correct.

Socrates said the “excellent person” is the “beneficial person”, and the reason for its “beneficial” is that we “lead” correctly, but we thought that it was done only by “knowledge”. State that it was not. Socrates points out that “knowledge” is not something that is born. Menon agrees. Socrates pointed out that “excellent people” are not as good as they were born. Menon agrees. 

And they come to the conclusion that virtue is the grace of God. I felt that meno hadn’t understood until the end. It was too hard to understand for English is not the first language people. However, they didn’t understand the essence of virtue.


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  1. It’s an interesting insight, and I love it. But for me, it was a bit confusing at first, probably because my first language is not English. But after reading it, I think your writing is very good. You have your own ideas and examples.

  2. I think the things that Socrate said is pretty hard to understand and he said virtue cannot be taught at final it’s really confuse for me maybe not for anybody else.

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